vidstream video channel creator
Digital Products Business,Marketing,White Label How to create your own video channel like YouTube?

How to create your own video channel like YouTube?


vidstream video channel creator

This is a big dream for some influencers to launch their own video channel, and it is quite easy to do with the help of YouTube. But for beginning only as your channel grows restrictions start on your channel with many ifs and buts. Let us present you with the solution VidStreamPro.

It comes with the following features

  • Add in video Chepters to notify viewers of content change.
  • Total appearance control of how your video will look including skin color and play button style.
  • You can select multiple videos to create a playlist or channel.
  • Create/edit video transcriptions so you can use these for subtitles & extra content for your SEO
  • Add subtitles to any of your videos for extra engagement on social platforms & sales videos
  • Resize your videos to 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p for faster load speeds / mobile applications as transcoding
  • Schedule & stream your videos using a special Iframe for your live sessions/webinars
  • Select which player controls you wish to show your viewers for a better / restricted experience
  • Select the domains that are allowed to host your iframe for better video security – blocks iframe sharing
  • Our Iframes come with responsive code that will allow your video to resize to the page container
  • This allows you to share an animated GIF clip of your video with your link for your email campaigns
  • You can share a video with & without password protection by a direct link – simply copy & paste
  • Stream your videos to compatible devices directly from your Apple & Android phones for full-screen video
  • Import existing videos from Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, One Drive Google Drive, S3
  • Check out your views, impressions, clicks, watch time, engagement rate + more as analytics.

What more you can do? can sell video courses.

Vidstream comes in many formats and with many benefits. Go with one that satisfies your requirements.

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