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How to make your campaign viral


campaign viral

Can you imagine making your campaign viral in just 3 steps?

  1. Step #1: Choose Your Campaign, Set Up Your Viral Funnel Using The Platform, (Takes Only Minutes), And Share Your Link.
  2. Step #2: Watch The Campaign Go Viral, Collect The Leads, And Expose Them To Your Offers.
  3. Step #3: Convert The Leads To Sales, Cash In And Get Paid!

What is this program called? It is VIRAL LEAD FUNNEL, a revolutionary Viral Loop and gamification Funnel Technology …All Without Spending A Single Dime On Ads

What is the problem in getting leads?

There are the pop-ups, page builders, tracking, integrations, searching for the right images, graphic designs, making sure everything works well together from multiple platforms…and not to mention…the MONTHLY FEES!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the learning curve. Some tools require a mini Ph.D just to operate them.

Viral Lead Funnels Gives You

2 Paths To MEGA Success…

  • Path #1: You can use Viral Lead Funnels in your own business and get all the leads you could ever need FOREVER. Just like my current students have done.
  • Path #2: You can also use Viral Lead Funnels to start your very own HIGHLY PROFITABLE lead generation agency and create a six or even seven-figure business.

For which business it is useful?

  • Digital Marketers: Get more leads to sell more of your digital products and courses.
  • Local Agencies: Provide your clients with all the leads they need in their industries while charging a premium per lead.
  • Coaches & Consultants: Never struggle again with finding more than enough qualified prospects for all your high-ticket services.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Easily run campaigns to profit from with a steady flow of leads for any affiliate offers you find.
  • E-commerce Stores: Use the inbuilt tools and systems to sell more products from your store and raise your brand’s awareness.
  • Social Media Managers: Manage and grow your client’s social media profiles to new heights by increasing exposure with an influx of new leads.
  • Media and Ad Buyers: Get more bang for your buck by recycling all the paid traffic and not letting a single dime go to waste. Be smart and use that ad spend Turn 1 visitor into 10-100 leads.

What are included in Viral Leads?

Campaign Creation That Gets Results

When you log into your member’s dashboard you’ll love the intuitive user interface that helps you manage all your campaigns.

With a few clicks of your mouse you’ll be able to start campaigns that you know will bring you an incredible amount of leads, but without spending hours working on the campaigns yourself.

Simply set it up, deploy your campaign, and watch the results roll in!

Viral Giveaways On Steroids

People love to receive gifts and with all the tools inside of Viral Lead Funnels, you can host giveaways that can grow your email lists and audiences extremely quickly.

Doesn’t matter if it’s documents, e-books, videos, or any other type of content. Viral Lead Funnels can handle it.

The best part is that everything is handled from within the platform. You only need to set it up once and let Viral Lead Funnels do the rest of the work helping you to attract thousands to your list like a moth to the flame.

Contests & Sweepstakes That Brings Hordes Of Leads

If you’re into running contests then Viral Leads has you covered. There’s nothing better than sparking a friendly competition to get the leads flowing.

Sweepstakes? Sure. This is perfect for gathering your audience’s attention and keeping it on your marketing.

With Viral Lead Funnels you can create these types of campaigns easily while being amazed at all the new leads you’ll receive in record time

Use Custom Action Point System With FOMO To Explode Your List

Assign points to any action taken by leads to unlock the content they desire. Give 10 points for watching a YouTube video, 50 points for joining your FB group, or 30 points for downloading a file or app.

By tapping into curiosity and FOMO, your campaigns will go viral which can build up tons of momentum resulting in HUGE audience exposure.

And ViralLeadFunnels will help you turn that exposure into even more profitable email leads!

Integrate The Perfect Reward And Milestones For Your Subscribers

Give all your new leads incentives to share your campaigns by letting them win new rewards for reaching new levels with your content, giveaways, and more.

It’s the perfect point-based system to force visitors to take action and make your lead generation explode.

Automated Rewards Delivery
Built Into The Platform

Don’t worry about spending time delivering each reward manually. Viral Lead Funnels has automated delivery via email for every single reward you set up.

It truly is a set-and-forget viral traffic lead-generating system that works incredibly well

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